Muhamed Duraković the Founder

Muhamed Duraković, founder of Summer University Srebrenica, survived Srebrenica genocide after 37 days ordeal through forests, on a journey known as the ''March of Death'', as two thirds of the 12000 who had started the trek were ambushed and killed. During the war in Bosnia, at the age of 18, Duraković worked with international aid organizations involved with humanitarian work inside Srebrenica which was a the time besieged by the Bosnian Serb forces. In the aftermath of the Srebrenica genocide, Duraković reached Tuzla where he continued to work on projects supporting genocide survivors as well as memorialization of the victims: the Peace March project commencing in 2005 and Summer University Srebrenica project established in 2010. For more than two decades following Srebrenica genocide, Muhamed Duraković continues to speak on the issues of truth seeking, justice and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Nihad Huseinović the Guide

Political Sciences graduate, currently residing in Srebrenica, as a returnee. Long-time experience in non-govermental organizations. Involved in local development programs. Part of the Summer University Srebrenica team from the very beginning, as an irreplaceable guide and field support for the participants. Keeps the spirit and pace during the Peace March high, and makes sure everybody is in good shape and mood.


Rusmir Gadžo the Tech

Medical student from Srebrenica, currently residing in Sarajevo. Joined Summer University Srebrenica from the first day. Taking care of eventual (simple) medical needs and supplies during the Peace March. In charge of technical aspects of the program, from maintaining the web site, creating IDs and promo material, setting up field projector for documentaries, to taking photos of each and every step participants take in these 10 days.